Sister City

In 1990, the District of Salmon Arm entered a friendship agreement with the Town of Azuma, Japan with the vision to have a cultural exchange, to promote cooperation, and to contribute to the international friendship between Canada and Japan.

In 2005, Azuma two other towns and one village merged to create the City of Inashiki.

Over the years, Salmon Arm and Inashiki have formed a friendly relationship and friendship gates have been constructed in both cities in recognition. The Friendship Gate in Salmon Arm can be found on the banks of McGuire Lake.

The City of Salmon Arm partnered with School District 83 to offer a student cultural exchange. The exchange program rotates between Canada and Japan on an annual basis and for a reasonable cost to families, provides the opportunity for some senior high school students the opportunity to travel to the sister city to experience the rich culture the other country has to offer.