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City of Salmon Arm Site Disclaimer

  1. The information on the website is of a general nature and is provided in good faith for the interest and convenience of the general public. Although the City of Salmon Arm tries to ensure the accuracy of all information presented here, you should confirm all information before making any decisions based upon it.

    The City of Salmon Arm makes no representation as to the completeness, timeliness and accuracy of the information contained on this website. The City of Salmon Arm expressly disclaims liability for any and all damages and losses arising from or in any way related to the use of this website.

    Information on this site is provided for personal and public non-commercial use. Any republication, transmission, storage, duplication, modification is forbidden. The City authorizes you to view, copy, and print materials published on this website subject to the following conditions:
    • You must not use, distribute, sub-licence, operate a service, publish, or disseminate the material for sale or profit without first obtaining the express written permission of the City;
    • You must not modify reformulate, adapt, alter, adjust, change, disassemble, frame or decrypt any of the contents of this website;
    • You acknowledge the City as the source of the material;
    • At the City’s request, you must delete, erase or otherwise remove any of the material and confirm in writing that you have complied with the request.
    • The information contained herein should in no way be construed as either official or unofficial policy of the City. Moreover, information online may change without notice. It is always in your best interest to contact the City directly to ensure accurate information and an official version of its documents. In the event that information is inconsistent between that available at the City of Salmon Arm Municipal Hall and that available on the City’s website, the material located at the Municipal Hall is deemed to be current and correct.
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