2021 Annual Rate of Taxation Bylaw No. 4457

Board of Variance Bylaw No 2873 (PDF)
Building Bylaw No 3939 (PDF) (*Consolidated)
Business Improvement Area Bylaw No 4357(PDF)
Business Licence Regulation Bylaw No 3102 (PDF) (*Consolidated)
Cemetery Management Bylaw 4280 (PDF) (*Consolidated)
Checkout Bag Regulation Bylaw 4297 (PDF)
Community Heritage Commission Bylaw No 3617 (PDF)
Controlled Substance - Safe Premises Bylaw No 3601 (PDF)
Council Members Remuneration and Expense Bylaw No 3834 (PDF) (*Consolidated)
Council Procedure Bylaw No 4276 (PDF) (*Consolidated)
Cross Connection Control Bylaw No 3934 (PDF)
Curbside Collection of Refuse, Recycling, Food Waste and Yard Waste Bylaw  No. 4281 (PDF)
Development Cost Charge Bylaw No 3600 (PDF) (*Consolidated)
Development Cost Charges - Background Summary Report (PDF)
Development Permit Procedure Bylaw No 2870 (PDF)
Development Variance Permit Procedure Bylaw No 3024 (PDF)
Downtown Off Street Parking Bylaw No 1844 (PDF)
Emergency Management Organization Establishment Bylaw No 2681 (PDF)
Emergency Measures Bylaw No 2718 (PDF)
Emergency Powers Authorization Bylaw No 2352 (PDF)
Excess or Extended Services and Latecomer Payment and Interest Rate Establishment Bylaw No 3335 (PDF)
False Alarm Security System Regulation Bylaw No 3056 (PDF)
Fee for Services Bylaw No 2498 (PDF) (*Consolidated)
Fire Alarm System Regulation Bylaw No 2319 (PDF)
Fire Prevention and Fire Department Bylaw No 3792 (PDF)
Firearms Bylaw No 2031 (PDF)
Freedom Information Bylaw No 3948 (PDF)
Industrial Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw No 4020 (PDF) (*Consolidated)
Inter-Community Business Licence Bylaw No 3750 (PDF)