Rodent Management

If you spot a rodent in a home or business report to the manager or property owner. Property owners are responsible for managing rodents found on their property.

If you have an infestation that cannot be controlled through traps, contact a pest management company.

The most effective and humane way to solve rodent problems is prevention.  

Tips on Rodent Proofing your Homehouse_rat


  • Keep compost piles and/or composters as far away from structures as possible.
  • Place ½” wire mesh under compost bins.
  • Keep moist and regularly churned, and avoid using grass clippings.

Food Sources

  • Keep fruit and nut trees tidy and remove any dropped or rotten fruit.
  • Do not leave pet food accessible or outside overnight. Pickup any dropped food.
  • Bird food is a major attractant. Should you choose to use a bird feeder tidy around the feeder on a regular basis.


  • Rats and rodents can use untrimmed, overgrown vines as runways.


  • Check all vents and screens along foundations and replace or repair any damage.
  • Block all openings with durable materials or use heavy wire mesh to cover openings that cannot be blocked.
  • Prune back branches that hang over eaves and roof areas.

Take away the places they like to hide, sleep, and nest

  • Remove clutter and rubbish from your yard, garage / carport, and basement.
  • Move bushes, shrubs and mulch away from the building's foundation.
  • Store firewood and piled lumber away from walls and about 1 foot off the ground.
  • Keep the grass trimmed, and do not pile grass clippings under shrubs or trees.
  • Cut back overgrown or densely planted bushes and trees.

Download the BC SPCA Rodent-Proofing Checklist here

Council passed a motion at the March 8, 2021 Regular Council Meeting to ban the use of anticoagulant rodenticides on all City of Salmon Arm owned properties and incorporate humane practices.  View humane rodent control tips from BC SPCA here

More information on managing rodents and rats can be found by visiting  Health Link BC.