Planning - Long Range & Projects

The Planning Division provides professional advice to Council on land use planning issues and is the coordinating department for the processing and approval of development applications. Staff is always available to assist the public with the many questions and concerns associated with the continuing growth of our community.

Applications and Guides

Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan  (PDF) is a City bylaw that provides objectives and policies to guide decisions on the long term planning and land use management in the City.

Long Range Planning

Involves the following plans and projects: 

Agricultural Area Plan and Agricultural Land Reserve

The Agricultural Area Plan (PDF) was completed in 2004. The plan provides information about agriculture in the City as well as agricultural issues, including recommendations for addressing those issues.

The Provincial Agricultural Land Commission regulates land use and subdivision in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) for the benefit of existing and potential agriculture. The Agricultural Land Commission Act and Agricultural Land Reserve Subdivision & Procedure Regulation regulate exclusion, land use and subdivision in the ALR.

Community Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions


In 2008 the City signed the BC Climate Action Charter committing it to become carbon neutral in its operations by 2012.

  • Climate Action Progress Reports provide an overview of the City initiatives towards carbon neutrality.
  • Corporate Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Study examines energy consumption and subsequent greenhouse gas emissions produced by the City’s facilities and fleet, and includes initiatives for the City to reduce its corporate emissions.

Connect Salmon Arm Active Transportation Network Plan

Active transportation (any human-powered mode of transportation such as walking, Active Transportationcycling, skateboarding or using a wheelchair) helps promote healthy, well-connected communities. The City of Salmon Arm has set a clear path for the future to ensure people of all ages and abilities can safely enjoy walking, cycling and rolling around our community.

The City of Salmon Arm received a grant from the province’s Active Transportation Grant Program to develop an Active Transportation Network Plan (ATNP). Through collaboration with the community, the ATNP has established a collective vision for active transportation in Salmon Arm and includes an implementation strategy that is uniquely suited to the City’s topography, demographics and current and future needs. 


The Greenways Strategy, Weave It Green, provides direction for the long-term planning and implementation of a trail and path network in the City. Council appoints members of the Greenways Liaison Committee to provide advice about greenways.


The Heritage Strategy (PDF) includes the following strategies: 

  • Establish the City’s role in heritage conservation
  • Identify the City’s heritage resources
  • Preserve and protect heritage resources
  • Promote public awareness of heritage
  • Integrate heritage resources into economic development and heritage programs
  • Establish a greenway program to link and interpret key historical and cultural assets
  • Implement an Historic Road Names Program
  • Strengthen the downtown
  • Enhance R.J. Haney Heritage Village and Museum

The Community Heritage Register (PDF) documents the significance of historic sites that have heritage value and character. A statement of significance has been created for each site. Council appoints members of the Community Heritage Commission to provide advice on heritage conservation and preservation matters within the community. This Guide to the Heritage Register (PDF) provides information about the Register and additional information for property owners.

Official Community Plan Review

The most recent Official Community Plan Review occurred from 2009 to 2011. The new updated  Official Community Plan (PDF) is Bylaw No. 4000 and was adopted in November 2011. The next comprehensive review of the Official Community Plan will occur sometime between 2016 and 2021.

Stream and Wetland Mapping

In 2012, Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping (SHIM) and Wetland Inventory and Mapping (WIM) was completed for 68.9 km of streams and 71 wetlands within the City. This project has resulted in the collection of accurate and precise spatial data for streams and wetlands. Specifically, SHIM identifies and maps the spatial distribution and extent of streams, as well as associated features and attributes. WIM identifies, delineates and classifies wetlands. This project continued in 2013 in order to inventory and map the remaining streams and wetlands.