Snow Clearing on Private Property

Private Property Snow Management

Each winter, Salmon Arm encounters a number of issues with private contractors or homeowners removing snow from private driveways and piling it onto public streets and sidewalks. The city would like to remind all contractors and homeowners that this is an infraction of the City’s Traffic Bylaw sections 602(4) and 602(5).

Owners and occupiers of property in the downtown business area are required to remove all snow and ice that border on their property. Please refer to the City’s Snow Removal Bylaw for details. Schedule A in this bylaw shows the boundaries of the downtown business area.

Snow from private driveways and walkways must not be placed on public sidewalks, lanes or streets. Snow removed from driveways should not be placed on the street, in front of any neighbouring driveway or around fire hydrants.

All private snow removal placed on the boulevard must have a permit issued by the city. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that they have the appropriate permit and comply with the rules. Permits are available at the City Public Works Yard at 100 – 30 Street SE.

This winter season we will be monitoring during and after each snow fall to ensure that these bylaws are respected; offenders may be ticketed. In addition, in the event that snow from private property requires the city to intervene, the cost will be assessed to the property owner responsible. Please make sure that your contractor complies with the rules, as the bylaws hold the property owners liable for the result.

Parking During Snow Removal

You are asked not to park your car on the streets during snow events. Salmon Arm depends on the cooperation of all drivers in the city to ensure that snow is removed safely and efficiently throughout the winter. Vehicles blocking snow removal operations will be ticketed and towed. For all properties which front a sidewalk, please park a minimum 24 inches or 60 cm clear of the back of sidewalk to allow for sidewalk clearing equipment.

Curbside Collection

On curbside collection days, please do not put your bins and bags in or on top of the snow bank or on the edge of the street. This slows down the snow removal operation as each container must be moved prior to commencement of work. This is especially important for bulk items put out for collection.

Driveway Clearing Tips

When placing snow on the edge of the right of way, place the snow to the right side of the driveway. This will help prevent shoveled snow from being pushed back into the cleared driveway. Shoveling a small area along the roadway on the left side of your driveway helps create storage and less snow will be placed into the cleared driveway.

The city thanks you for your cooperation.