Engineering and Public Works


The Engineering and Public Works Department is responsible for the construction, maintenance, management and long-term planning of the city's primary infrastructure, including the following:

  • Airport runway, grounds and terminal building
  • Asphalt and gravel roads, sidewalks, pathways, ornamental street lights, street name signs, traffic signs, road markings and municipal parking lots
  • Cemetery
  • Curbside Collection Program for Food Waste, Recyclables and Organics
  • Municipal buildings and rental housing
  • Public Transit
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) building
  • Sanitary sewer mains
  • Sports playing fields, parks, playgrounds, roadside boulevards, flowerbeds, downtown street trees, wharves and public beaches
  • Storm sewer mains, catch basins, inlet and outlet structures, stormwater retention basins and open ditch drainage
  • Water mains, valves, hydrants, pump stations, reservoirs and intakes
  • Water Pollution Control Centre
  • Water Treatment Plant