Strategic Plan

September 11, 2014 Strategic Plan Update

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City Council approved the Corporate Strategic Plan November 12, 2013

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Draft Corporate Strategic Plan was available for public review and comment

The draft Corporate Strategic Plan, including the list of 25 priority projects, was available for public review and comment between October 2 and October 21, 2013.

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September 27, 2013 press release (PDF).

Residents and Community Organizations Surveys

In the spring, residents and community organizations were invited to complete surveys to provide input about potential projects and initiatives in the City. There were 308 surveys completed by residents and 58 surveys completed by community organizations.

The Survey report (PDF) has been completed and is available for public information. A hard copy may be viewed at the front counter at City Hall.

In addition to other sources of information, the survey results are assisting to inform the preparation of the Strategic Plan. City staff is reviewing and prioritizing potential projects and initiatives. The proposed Strategic Plan will be available for public review and comment in summer 2013. City Council will consider adopting the Strategic Plan in fall 2013.

Strategic Plan will help City manage its business

The City of Salmon is creating its first comprehensive Strategic Plan. When complete, the plan will inform the City's decision-making and guide actions over the next 10 to 15 years to prioritize expenditures, inform decision making about infrastructure, and consider revenue sources and taxation.

"Like many municipalities, the City is developing a plan to equip us to more effectively and efficiently manage our limited resources, also known as tax dollars," says Mayor Nancy Cooper.

Even though this will be Salmon Arm's first comprehensive Strategic Plan, the City has developed and implemented a number of the key components before, like community visioning (OCP (PDF)), goal-setting, long-term planning and identifying budget priorities. 

"One of the great benefits of having an overarching Strategic Plan," says Mayor Cooper, "is it will provide important context and direction for all other City plans and will create better alignment and efficiencies across our operations."

City Council and Senior Managers are leading the strategic planning process and will set the direction for the plan. They will also seek input from community organizations and our residents through an on-line survey in early 2013.

When the City prepared the Official Community Plan (PDF) (OCP) in 2011, the community provided considerable input with respect to Salmon Arm's vision and future direction. This valuable input will also inform this planning process.

A Road Map

The Strategic Plan will provide a road map for decision making for Council and staff about key initiatives and projects for the next 10 to 15 years. This will include identifying responsibilities, resources and timelines for key initiatives and projects. 

"We're confident the Strategic Plan will position Salmon Arm well to meet the challenges and enable actionable plans for each of our key priorities over the next decade and beyond," says Mayor Cooper. We anticipate the Plan will be complete by fall 2013.

Six-step process.

The Strategic Plan will unfold through a six-step process.


The City has hired Urban Systems.