Property Tax Payment Options

Pay your property taxes and apply for the Home Owner Grant before the first business day in July every year to avoid a penalty. We recommend paying through your bank or signing up for monthly prepayment to take the stress out of taxes.

Online or Telephone Banking

  • On your financial institution’s online banking website, search for “Salmon Arm” and select the “Taxes” or “Property Taxes” payee option
  • Use the last 8 digits of your roll number as your account number.  322 00000.000.  (Do NOT enter the first three digits (322), or the decimal.)

In Person at your Canadian Financial Institution

Most Canadian financial institutions will accept payments for City of Salmon Arm.  Bring your tax notice.

24-Hour  Drop Box

The drop box is located at the main entrance of City Hall.  Payments via cheque or money order can be left in the drop box.  Remember to write your roll number on your cheque.  The drop box will be emptied at 4:00 pm on the due date.  Anything deposited after that will be considered late.

By Mail

  • Make cheque (postdated accepted) payable to “City of Salmon Arm”.
  • Include remittance stub
  • Mail to:
    City of Salmon Arm
    PO Box 40
    Salmon Arm, BC   V1E 4N2
  • Postmarks are NOT accepted as proof of payment.  Mail lost, stolen, or delayed will be assessed with a 10% penalty if late.
  • In the event of a postal disruption, please utilize alternative payment methods to ensure that your payment is received by the due date.

In Person at City Hall (500 2nd Avenue NE)

  • Cash,
  • Cheque (can be postdated) made out to the “City of Salmon Arm”
  • Debit - Please ensure your debit card transaction limit will support your payment
  • Money Order

City Hall hours of operation are 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays).

Credit Card

The City of Salmon Arm does NOT accept credit card payments for payment of property taxes. However, you may be able to use a third-party payment service provider who offers a credit card payment service.

Important Notes Regarding Third-Party Payment Service Providers:

  • Third-party payment service providers charge a percentage fee for their services.
  • You must create an account with the third-party payment service provider and agree to their terms and conditions to use the service—make sure you clearly understand them before using the service.
  • The transaction is not instantaneous. The transfer will typically take place within three business days, but there may be additional delays. You are responsible for ensuring that the City receives your payment by the due date; otherwise, a penalty will be incurred.
  • Additional fees may be incurred by your credit card provider for using this service. Please contact your credit card provider if you have any questions or concerns before using any third party payment provider.

Plastiq is a third-party payment service provider that offers the City of Salmon Arm as a recipient vendor for property tax and utility payments. Plastiq is only available online.

For more details, visit
If you wish to pay by credit card, visit

The City of Salmon Arm is not affiliated with Plastiq.

By your Mortgage Company

  • Your Mortgage Company can pay your taxes on your behalf if you have made such an arrangement through your mortgage agreement.
  • If the City of Salmon Arm has been advised of an arrangement, a Mortgage Code will be shown on the top right of the property tax notice.
  • The Home Owner Grant (if applicable) must still be claimed prior to the due date to avoid a penalty. Ensure your Mortgage Company is aware whether or not you are claiming the grant each year.
  • The City of Salmon Arm is not responsible for errors made by mortgage providers.

Tax Deferment

Tax Deferment is a low interest provincial government loan program available to qualified BC Homeowners.  For more information and to apply, visit the Provincial website.  Applicants are reminded to claim their home owner grant with the Province, and pay Utility and Garbage, Recycling & Food Waste user fees to the City before the due date

Plan Ahead.  Prepay Next Year’s Taxes

Pre-Authorized Prepayments

The City of Salmon Arm offers an Automatic Pre-Authorized Prepayment Plan for property owners to make 10 equal prepayments for the following year’s estimated property taxes.  For more information, visit our Prepayment programs page.

Scheduled Online/Telebanking

Arrangements can be made with your financial institution to make convenient recurrent monthly payments to the City of Salmon Arm - Property Taxes on a schedule of your choosing.